Milestone-Suppliers is a great place to order some wheel cleaner. If you’re looking for good quality gbl, i will advice you get it here.

Davis Skyler

I became a long term client after get a flask of German made liquid hg. Their exceptional prices caught my eye and now I’m here to stay. Thanks Milestone

Rodney Michaels

I’m so excited i finally found a source. I’ve been looking for caluanie on the internet for almost 2 years now and finally came in cotact with a real source. Thanks for the loyalty MS.

Tan Hao

“In Milestone Suppliers we have found a company with not only dependable services and processes, but are also willing to find the right solution to our repacking needs. We were impressed by their ability to meet our specific needs and their strong customer service. We are looking forward to a long and beneficial working relationship together.”

David Klein

“Milestone Suppliers provided us with a truly professional service. It was great to be able to have them deliver a total repacking solution which exceeded our expectations. We appreciated the high level of customer service from Milestone Suppliers and their “can do” attitude. We look forward to working with them again.”

Mike Pola

“We have been dealing with Milestone Suppliers since they came into existence some three and a half years ago. We have used their services for crushing, dissolving and/or repacking all manner of chemicals, including dangerous goods. Their service is always professional and courteous and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone operating in the local chemical industry.”

Sani Lee

“I think Milestone Suppliers is such a good company with nice and respectful people working in it.”


“It is always a pleasure to deal with anyone from Milestone Suppliers. [They do] an excellent job for [us]. Everyone is very pleasant to deal with :).”


“Much appreciative of [their] way of doing business and their seriousness.”

P Walker

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